Thursday, June 6, 2013

to those we are leaving behind

The anticipation of an eight-week trip is filled with both excitement and anxiety. Between the packing and planning and imminent separation from my DVR and Nespresso machine and, we all knew that leaving would not be easy. As we are now less than 24 hours away from boarding a plane, I am convinced the hardest part about being away from home for so long will not be a separation from the creature comforts, but from the creatures who provide us comfort, our beloved Sadie and Charlie.

We picked up Charlie (4) when he was six-weeks old and Sadie (?) a couple years ago through a golden retriever rescue organization. We have left them for up to a week before, but never anything approaching the eight weeks they are about to endure. This would be stressful for any dogs, but ours are, like their owners, particularly sensitive.

Charlie, a golden doodle, combines the neuroses of a poodle with the brains of a golden retriever. He is fearful of all who come to our house, including our regular sitter, a gentle, 90-pound special ed teacher. He is as sweet as they come. He loves all balls and a good piece of salami. If I were a better owner, I would develop an indestructible salami ball.

Sadie, on the other hand, fears no man (or woman, or child). Known as Sadie Nudge McNudgepants, Sadie lives to find a free hand and plant herself underneath it, waiting, waiting, waiting, for the hand to do what hands are made to do -- pet her. She is, at her core, a people dog.

We are blessed to have a team of people staying with the dogs during our absence. The team is excellent and I know that the dogs will be loved and cared for while we galavant about Europe. I take some solace in knowing dogs cannot gauge the passage of time and, when we return, it will be as though we never left. Still, I find myself toying with the idea of being one of those people who takes their dogs with them during their travels, hauling them around like a cup of coffee. Not gonna happen, I now, but a man can dream.


  1. Like his owner, Charlie "loves all balls and good piece of salami."

    Too easy, Tim, too easy. You lobbed that one at me.

  2. Raechel, Simone and I promise to make play dates with Charlie and Sadie while you're on your adventure. We'll give them extra sloppy kisses for you (or maybe they'll give them to us!)! We love you guys so much-- Jen

  3. Uh-oh--this scares me. I was thinking the same thing as Eric.
    (Big Mama)

  4. I literally laughed out loud at the description of myself. Last time I checked though I was nearly 100 ;)